Sunday, March 02, 2008

When the Ghosts Follow the Ceremony

Okay, I wrote yesterday about all the craziness that had happened here: Three broken cars and a broken water heater and a bicycle on the same day. That's the sort of thing that happens when I bring back a spirit or two from Peru. I thought I'd come back clean this time. But then today it got worse--and I know my house is old and cheap and falling apart and everything in the world can be chalked up to that....but....after Italo fixed the waterheater, brand new, yesterday, and after he fixed Chepa's car with a new coolant hose, this morning the kitchen sink went out. All brand new pipes. All brand new connections. All top of the line and done while I was in Peru andyet here we had a hose with a lifetime guarantee that had a full inch-long rust hole in its stainless steel body. So Italo want to Home Depot and bought a new hose and fided that. An hour later the water heater, which has one old pipe that we replaced yesterday, sprung a new leak, right from the belly of the heater.Impossible. But true.
And then Madeleina came home from her sleepover and sat at the kitchen table to do home work and the lamp above her head fell straight down onto the table. Could be an accident. And then I find a two-inch piece of heavy glass on the living room floor--and we haven't broken a glass here in weeks--by stepping on it.
So I'm not saying I brought back a curious spirit with me, but I am saying that I told Italo that we are taking all the cars, and I mean all the cars, to the shop tomorrow and I am going to have working vehicles around here. And I am having the water heater looked at. And I am going to replace the fixture that nearly fell on Madeleina's head, and then I am going to a curandera I know here in Texas and I am going to get washed in Agua Florida and Camphor and then in a flower bath and whatever crazy spirit is hanging on and touching things here and accidently changing the electrical charge is going to be pulled from me. And then things will stop shorting out, breaking, falling and leaking.
It doesn't matter whether anyone believes in this stuff or not. That's not the point. And I'm not a conspiracy man by a long shot. But I have worked and played too long in other realms not to know that there is always an energy trail. I thought I escaped this time, but even in this old house the odds of all of this happening in two days defies mathematics.
Boy, oh boy. This is the life, eh?
Crazy, right? I'll probably never be allowed to run for office after a post like this.
Oh, well. Nobody's been hurt so it's not a malevolent spirit anyway. Just one who has no idea that he/she is costing me a lot of angst.


Kuchinta said...

We do that in Asia, too - bathe with flower water, that is - and for the same reason or to change one's luck.

I remember the first time I had to do it - it was just after my grandmother's cremation ceremony and we had gotten back from the service.

Good luck

daisyduke said...

any chance of you communicating with said spirit? what is the message it wants you to receive? those things are too close for comfort for ME to feel non-malevolance...YOU must have a feeling.
I have your home and family pictured in my mind--sending white light until you get to the curandero