Monday, January 09, 2012

First Photo Ever on This Blog

Okay: This is the first photo I've ever put up. I just found it. It's a picture of my Cold Beer Blues Bar/Cevicheria Madeleina in Iquitos Peru. It was a very very very cool place. This was taken by JT Cathey. If he objects, then I'll take it down. But for the next few minutes, here it is.
The bar was simple, serving mostly beer and a few local liquors. We served fantastic food. We had a good selection of blues music as well as good Peruvian music. We had one of my High Times softball team jerseys on the wall. The team was called The Bonghitters and that's what people saw when they saw the jersey. We had the skull of a 15 foot black caiman on the bar in a corner and the old skin of a 20' anaconda on one wall above the windows. Our clients were US ex-pats, DEA agents, US Special Forces, Peruvian drug dealers, pilots with the CIA--sometimes all at once. Why? Because we were the only joint in town that was anything like a real New York bar--in the sense that when you came in you were who you wanted to be and left the heck alone if that's what you wanted. Hell of a place.


spiral347 said...

Would have loved to have checked it out when it was live and kicking.

Maybe you should resurrect it?

Gritter said...

See I'm here. AND....I've been there too!

Sterling Archer aka The Duchess said...

I loved the place so much I wrote a song about it.

Mitch D said...

Just finished reading "Ayahuasca in My Blood".

It is Nice to put a "face" to the place I was trying to picture in my head.

Thank you so much for your book. One of the best books I have ever read, and I read a lot!