Thursday, January 05, 2012

Okay, There's My President

So two days ago I was explaining recess appointments to Madeleina, how I really wanted Obama to make a couple of dozen of them. I wanted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director named, National Labor Relations Board members names, I wanted a couple of dozen judgeships filled around the country: You know the jobs that normally get filled either through congress or recess appointments.
And when I thought the window of opportunity had passed, I wrote that wailing last blog piece. But then, my pres came out and made the first recess appointments we needed. Good for him. Madeleina wanted to know if it was a good thing that happened and I gave her both my point of view and the opposition point of view. I think she liked my point of view that it was a good thing, that we need a president who will do what every other president has done and just be freaking presidential now and then. That's why they have the power of recess appointments--even if that power was initially given to the president because congress met much more infrequently 150 years ago.
So good. As Julio said once when I told him about meeting a terrifying entity during an ayahuasca dream: Do you have cojones, Pedro? Grab your balls! If the monster is 100 feet tall, make yourself 150 feet tall!
Good on Obama.
And then, Madeleina and I sat down to a nice meal of roast chicken with rice and gravy and a side of steamed broccoli. We didn't eat much chicken but boy that gravy on the rice was good!

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