Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Where the Hell was Obama?????

Today, Jan. 3, 2012, Congress recessed for a few seconds before entering the new Congressional session. Where the hell was my president? I wanted him to be fair, but the Resnubs are idiots, not fair, just opportunistic and obstructionist. So I fully expected my president, Barack Obama, to fill maybe 130 federal vacancies in those few seconds between sessions when sessions were officially out and the president gets to wield actual power. I wanted judges put in place. If the Republicans didn't want middle of the road judges--and wouldn't even vote on them--I fully expected my president to put in very Left Judges, just to show them what the freak is in store. If they don't want people running business overhaul, then I want the most tough people in place. Let them suffer for the their mean-spiritedness.
But my president, President Obama, didn't fill those slots during the few seconds he had. He could have appointed 20 people in 10 seconds. I'm very disappointed. I don't have a big dick, but I have bigger balls than anyone can imagine. And I was hoping that my president might have a decent set as well.
Yo! Pres! When are you going to give the people who elected you the freaking hard on we elected you to give? Time to fuck the idiots, get it? When are you going to show the balls to do it?
I expect you to have the ability to throw a few people off of tall rooves. That's New York mob style. If you don't have that in you, then you shouldn't be walking, much less talking, much less president.
Show your balls, My president. Let them shine.

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