Monday, January 02, 2012

Might Help Someone

Someone on a board to which I occasionally post asked for help with a malignant melanoma. There are some things used to reduce tumors in western Amazonia that might help this person. I think they will. I am not a doctor, so this is just passing along information that I have seen work sometimes even in extreme cases. At the worse, I've never seen this material produce anything negative in anyone. It's just something that might help someone someday. THIS DOES NOT TAKE THE PLACE OF STANDARD THERAPIES, okay? This would be in addition, or prior. Check with your doctor, please.
The plant materials are available through many sites. Fresh is optimum, but may not always be available. To find vendors, just punch in the name of one of the ingredients.
This is what I wrote and I hope it helps:

I think sacha jergon with una de gato might help a lot. If you're in Peru, get fresh material. 3 or 4 good sticks of una de gato in 3 liters of cool water. Steep at very low heat for several hours until you've reduced it to 1- 1/2 liters. During last hour, put in about 1/4 (two ounces) of a medium sized, fresh sacha jergon--a nice pie shaped piece.
When done, strain. Drink about one ounce three times a day. If you find you have loose stools, cut back to 1/2 ounce for a day or two.
The una de gato will eliminate excess fluid in your system--which is why it's good for arthritis, bursitis, etc--and if you find you have very dry and difficult-to-pass stools, drink extra water daily to give your system enough fluids.
Additionally, you might want to make an extract of medio renako tree bark and drink that along with the una de gato/sacha jergon. For that, get fresh medio renako bark--you can order it at the market in Belen--and let it sit in aguar diente for a few days. If you don't have aguar diente, use 80 proof plain vodka. Drink one ounce twice daily. If your system cannot have alcohol, cook the medio renako bark in water, similarly to the way you cook the una de gato.
Good luck.

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