Thursday, March 19, 2015

Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Us Into, Ollie......

Somehow, Madeleina and I get ourselves into these fixes. I've got a story due tomorrow and another Monday AM. So I had a guest come in yesterday and she left today. She's a fantastic person and a medicine woman so she adds to the mix in a very positive way. 
Tomorrow I've got two old friends coming in at different times to stay a few days. Both are fantastic guests, great friends, an I will be enriched by them, as will Madeleina, Chepa, the babies, Italo, Sarah and Marco. Somewhere in there I'll finish the first story. Cross your fingers it's good cause I need the freelance gelt.
Saturday morning Madeleina has a 10 hour clinic, so she'll disappear at 7 AM, and then at 11 or so, six or eight people are showing up for a few hours. By the time they leave, Madeleina will be back with two friends for a sleepover.
Sunday I'll finish the draft of the second story, greet my guests, wake Madeleina, feed all the guests breakfast, then shop for food for the four guests who are coming Sunday afternoon. Might be five if Patrick will get off his ass and come here to play some guitar.
In the meanwhile, the two new border collie pups are pooping all over the living room and playing in the mud under the house, so we've had to rent a carpet cleaner for the deep clean. Madeleina is finishing up the big living room right now. My job was to get all blankets, pillows, pillow cases, throw pillows in the wash--just five huge loads--dried and all beds made, and while I was doing that, make a tomato sauce for the chicken parmesan we're having. While that was happening, I cleaned out the laundryroom: Threw out two huge bags of what I deemed garbage--I didn't touch the fireworks, don't worry--and got two bags of old clothes ready for the clothes collection bin and made that room shine.
We got the bird feeder full, the cat fed, the three dogs fed, and we've got the hummingbird to go.
REALITY CHECK: Madeleina is doing much more than I am. But I am putting new curtains up in the wash room and I did clean that and help a little with the laundry.
I don't think Madeleina and I would be happy if we didn't have some fantastically impossible chores to do in a minimal amount of time. And we will get it done. What's left? I didn't even talk about scrubbing the kitchen, my office, and the second guest bedroom and then the bathroom. Bring on the heat, Mr Universe. The gormans are armed with sponges, hot water, soap and paper towels and we ARE dangerous!

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