Saturday, March 28, 2015

Here's What Not Being 40 Feels Like

Okay, so after all my physical woes with my leg and whatever, today I woke to the idea that a story that was due on Monday has been put off until the 8th of April, and a story due on the 11th has been put off until the 25th. I've still got one Drug War Follies column to write for Skunk in the next ten days, and hopefully a freelance piece to earn a little gelt, but in other words, the pressure is off. So I woke thinking "Okay, my only jobs today are to get the lawn mower going after winter, get the measurements on the lumber I need--as well as the paint--to repair the back porch fence, sing for those in pain and do some walking.
    What a nice change from being chained to the comfuckingputer.'s the rub: I took the measurements on the back porch, realized I needed a new couch to sleep on since the new border collie pups have torn mine apart, then went to buy the lumber, galvanized screws, paint and the couch.
    I ordered the couch from Pier One. Credit card all the way, a rarity for me. $899; I pushed for a 20 percent discount which I got, and in total, with tax, it's $775 so long as I pick it up from the store. It's a good one, will last five years. BUTTTTT, Madeleina is at district competition today with her acting group from high school for a one-act play: IF they do well, they advance to State--a big deal here in Texas. So I had no time to stop in and buy the lumber/paint and nails before getting home and getting her to school.
   I got that done and drove out to get a few things at the local HEB grocery store, then on to Home Depot for the weather-treated 2x4s I needed and the paint and the galvanized nails. Then I came home and unloaded, then went to get gas and oil for the mower that's not been used since early November, then came home and fed the cat/dogs and started food in case anyone comes over or if Madeleina is hungry when she returns at 10 PM.
   Then I got the electrical extention cord out, got my tools, got the electric saw and the ruler and the pencil and then went to the truck and carried the lumber to the back yard fence and tossed it over and by now it's 5:31 and I'm pooped and I have not started anything yet. I've got pieces in place for tomorrow, but I have not pulled the old fence apart or cut the lumber or painted it. And I'm still pooped. At 40, I'd keep going. At 64, I'm thinking "let's take a little break, have some wine, keep an eye on the chicken in the oven and get an early start tomorrow...".
    That's the difference.
    The hell with that. I'm gonna pull at least one section of the fence apart tonight. Maybe two. I'm getting old but I'm not going to admit to being a loser just yet.

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Bill Freimuth said...

We all still need you, we all still feed you, now you're 64!