Monday, March 02, 2015

My new book, Sapo in My Soul, is out now. Finally!

Well, my new book, Sapo in My Soul, The Matses' Frog Medicine, is finally out. It's another product of the Gorman Bench Press and hopefully the second of at least five or six in the next year or two. It's available at the website that the designer, Morgan Maher, made for it:
   It's got lots of black and white photos of the frog, the medicine, the Matses, me when I was young and handsome, and then some words too. I did the words. I hope they're in the right order to keep everybody's attention.
   Now today it also came out on, and you can find it by looking at Peter Gorman under books there. (I AM NOT the photographer of nude women. He just has the same name as me and used to live across the street from me in New York.) So if any of you were waiting on it, well, it's here. And if any of you pre-ordered signed copies, I've ordered them and they'll be here in 10 days. When I get them I'll sign them and send them out post haste, no sweat.
   So I was telling Morgan Maher, who also took the cover photo and wrote the Forward, about it's appearance on today. And then I lurched to the left or right and wound up writing this:
    Morgan, we sold nine copies today via createspace. That's cool. I was hoping for 2174 or something--wouldn't it be great if $22,000 came in in a day??? Man, I'd pay you, toss in a free trip or two, finish paying the house and maybe even take my family out for Sushi. (I picked that number because it's about how many people Johan has in the Aya in my Blood site...Yikes!!!! Although, to keep me grounded, Madeleina says that at least 50 percent of them are there just to hate me; 25 percent join any group they see; 20 percent think they'll get free ayahuasca out of joining, and the other 5 percent are mostly losers I already know who have nothing better to do with their lives than be on facebook. Oh, that girl can sting!). You know what I would really like to do one day? My most middle-class thing? I'd like to rent a big ass camper for a week or so and go driving around with my family. Just like having the apartment around us, with everything in a perfectly ordered place, just for a week. I think somehow that that would be cool. Go to Santa Fe, the Texas coast; into Baja, Mexico--show them where I lived and worked in LA in another life. Show them places I've seen and a few I have not, then park at night at some pretty spot and roll out the tarp and pull out some chairs and listen to crickets. Funny, huh?

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