Monday, March 23, 2015

What an Amazing Weekend at the Gormans!

What an amazing weekend here at the Gormans. An old friend popped in Wednesday; two more showed up Friday. On Sunday morning a group of 10 appeared--three I knew, the others new--and later in the day another old friend came by along with someone I met once and then another new person. There was food galore, guitar, some bongo playing, a bit of harmonica, a touch of sapo and nu-nu for those who wanted--and which blew my lips up to the size of hips just from moistening the sapo sticks with spit!--and good talk and some wine and just WOW! Madeleina helped fantastically and I was in heaven! I love company. I love meeting new people here at home. Just couldn't have been better. Of course I'm jamming hard today to finish the stories that are due but I'll get 'em done. One's been sent in to the editor, the other is working but I needed a break to say THANK YOU, UNIVERSE! Thanks for letting me wake up this morning. Thanks for the great company. Thanks for giving me the super power of cooking (although I could still use flying or super speed or being Lightning Lad or whatever). Thanks for my friends. Thanks for my family. Thanks for everything!


abeautifulbird said...

Amazing blog as always! Hey i have a question, A friend of mine saw me during her Ayahuasca session, Like i was in a bubble submarine underwater or a fish. Do you know if this means something? or something i research further?

Peter Gorman said...

It might mean any number of things, but my first guess would be that they actually saw you. Why? Because you said they saw you underwater. Now among the magics of ayahuasca, red magic is the healing magic that runs through our veins, the blood we have. Green magic is the magic of the verdancia, of nature. It connects all of the roots of all of the trees, flowers, grasses, weeds, rivers, seas, oceans, and all of the creatures that live in those waters. Green magic is what the curandero uses to travel to different parts of the earth and universe--and it's not difficult because of the connection of all the roots and waters. So your friend might well have seen you in real life by having accidently stumbled on the green magic highway. NOTE: Not everyone uses the same terms, so while I use the term Green Magic, don't expect everyone to use that term, though their idea of astral travel will likely be similar.