Monday, March 02, 2015

Why I tend to vote Democrat

Someone posted something on facebook today that I thought was all wet. I responded, nicely.

My response:

1) I vote democrat because I think the government should keep its nose out of people's love. 2) I voted democrat because the six largest oil companies made $52 billion dollars in the last quarter, despite falling prices, while they were being subsidized by American taxpayers for billions more. 3) I voted democrat because corporationes are looking to make money and cut corners to gain profit by privatizing public works and social safety nets--including social security which most of us have paid into for 50 years or more. 4) I voted democrat because I love freedom of speech and the right wing people want to take that away. 5) I voted democrat because while most people should be able to own guns, the gun show loophole allows murderers in the US and the cartels in Mexico to be armed and that's just plain irresponsible. 6) I voted democrat because climate change is real and we need to stop it as best we can; the loopy people who think it's false are wrong, according to nearly every climate scientist on the planet. 7) I vote democrat because no babies have ever been aborted--though lots of zygotes have--while there are hundreds of millions of real babies, living babies, that don't have enough to eat and will starve because of the views of anti-abortionists. 8) I vote democrat because while illegal aliens get no social security, don't get to vote, don't get welfare or food stamps, they are the only people who will pick our crops, wash our dishes, take care of our farms and lawns and build our roads in Texas summers, and they should get respect and have work permits to do that. 9) I vote democrat because I don't believe that businesses like Walmart should keep millions of their employees so underpaid that they depend on me to foot the bill for foodstamps and medicaid and welfare for those workers. I believe businesses should pay a living wage or get the heck out of business rather than suck on the public teat. 10) I vote democrat because I believe judges should make decisions based on case history and the constitution, rather than on their political agendas, as we've seen in recent decisions in the US Supreme Court. 11) I vote democrat because we need to wean ourselves from an oil based economy to one that is renewable. Given that we don't pay anyone in the middle east for oil that we use in cars--we only use that oil to make roads and computer plastics--we need to stop lying about oil from the middle east. 12) I vote democrat because I see the world clearly and understand that we are all in this together and know that if 7 bllion people were working together we'd get a lot more done than having 7 billion people working to destroy each other. 13) I vote democrat because I believe in helping my fellow man and don't mind paying taxes to keep the Red States afloat until they are able to take care of themselves. We are all brothers and sisters and we take care of you republicans. No need to thank us.

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