Monday, February 22, 2016

A Very Nice Day

So a few friends came over for a Peruvian-style ceremony the other night. The ceremony was beautiful, I think. Medicine and songs were strong; Lynn and a woman named Michelle, the guardians, were great. All survived. Thank you universe!

    Went to a regular doc today (now that i have Medicare because I'm old)—first time I've seen a doc for a checkup in at least 15 years—and he took blood, ordered a chest X-Ray, did an EKG, took urine.
    EKG was great, he said, "Perfect." Thank you, sapo, and daily garlic for 65 years.
    Urine was great, he said: "We were looking for sugar. None. Perfect."
    We'll see what the blood and X-Ray turn up.
    Started CBD oil just two days ago. That, with the Una de Gato has me feeling much better. Slept on the couch, laying down, for a total of 7 hours last night, most since just after Christmas. Took about 7 pees during that time, and swelling on legs almost gone.
    Took my blood pressure pills early and blood pressure came back 122/80. Rarely see it that close to just right. Maybe the hemp pills are cool. Hope so.
    Now I'm smoking a cigarette and having wine. Italo just fixed my green truck: New water pump, new spark plugs, new thermostat. I've apparently been running on 3 cylinders for some time. Truck has more pep now.
   Gonna eat a prime rib with onions and blue cheese with a side of spinach with garlic. No starch. There goes the blood pressure!
   Things are going good today.
   Fingers crossed I wake up tomorrow morning.
   And I hope you all had a wonderful day as well.

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