Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Amazon Jaunts Coming Up: Time to Sign Up for the Time of Your Life!

Ladies and Gents: I've got two great Amazon Jungle Jaunts coming up; one in June, one in July. These are 9 1/2 day excursions into deep jungle--roughly 250 KM out of Iquitos--that are filled with fun/adventure/medicine. I don't have a lodge: We use a rustic but very cool place. Showering is in the beautiful Aucayacu river, for instance, as no showers are allowed. We basically live as the people on the river live for a week: We take walks looking for wild and semi-wild foods and medicines, we hike pristine high jungle, we stroll in the most primordial swamp I've ever seen. We swim in a lake that's home to pink and grey dolphins. We collect the vine and ad-mix plants our curandero will utilize in his ayahuasca. We'll have the opportunity to use--at the right time, in the right place--some local magic shrooms to get people prepared for ayahuasca; we'll have a chance to utilize ayahuasca twice (three if you push me but no one ever really asks for that); and we'll have the opportunity to use the indigenous Matses' sapo (frog sweat, AKA kambo), and nu-nu (aka rapé) snuff. We'll have you on an overnight riverboat underneath the Amazon sky. We'll have you forgetting your own name. We'll have you more protected than you've ever felt. My team is spectacular and will always outnumber guests, which are limited to 12. You'll eat some of the best food--mostly fruit, veggies, plantain, rice, fresh beans daily, with a bit of chicken and eggs for those who want that--you've ever had. In short, we'll offer you an opportunity to make a fresh start by blowing up your world view. You don't have to change, of course. If you're already a shining star, then then trip and my team and the medicines, and the river will just polish you to a high gleam. If, on the other hand, you suck, we'll you'll suck a lot less when we're finished with you. How's that for a promise? You can get the dates on the website. Price is high at $2200, but that includes everything except your airfare and walking around money. We pick you up at the airport and if you come in a day or two early, recommended, we still pick you up at the airport. There are no hidden fees/costs. You buy presents for your family, your money. Your hotel in Iquitos, boat cabins, food in Iquitos, food on the river, food in the jungle, my team of 12-14, the medicines, the whole shebang is included. And if you're broke, which I understand, I might take a few hundred bucks off the price to help out. Questions? Email me at
Thanks for listening,
Peter G

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