Monday, February 15, 2016

My Madeleina Growing Up

I just took Madeleina out of college for the day and brought her into the city to meet two formerly homeless people who are now living in Sec 8 housing--a very nice apartment--put out a street newspaper and the guy is going into chemo for lung cancer on Wednesday. The delivery system was put in place in his right upper chest today. What a marvel they were. Madeleina got some great shots and I think she's got a shot at the cover or opening photo for the Fort Worth Weekly when the story is done--she might make a couple of hundred. I love working with her. She is so non-imposing, just like when she helps with ceremony: Just there when you need her; not a moment before or after. Absolutely silent, absolutely invisible. If she could learn to use the camera correctly she'd have an adjunct income for the rest of her life the way that a short -order cook can always scrape by in lean times.

     Plus: These two were at least 350 pounds each but kept making jokes, talking about sex, talking about their 3 AM trips to the bathroom and the banter about making coffee at that hour. What a pleasure to be with them. And at the end, Madeleina, an avowed non-sexual, said something along the lines of: "I'm not saying I'm convinced, but I will say I never thought love could last like that. 25 years of marriage after years of being junkies together! Dad, they were cool!"
     Which is a step in the right direction. As long as the guy can talk enough to give me an hour or two tomorrow, and then on the weekend after the first round of chemo--and as long as his wife Annette will give me some time--I'll have a nice story about Homeless, Not Helpless. They seem to be all about sharing what little they have.
    And now, after driving 110 miles today--going to Ft Worth twice--I've got to drive Madeleina to school, another 150 miles RT. Damn. My legs are jumpy and painful already from the infections I picked up in the jungle last month, so I've taken a bit more ibuprofin than normal.
    Personally, I'd just as soon give Madeleina the week off. I love hanging around with her.

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The Homeless Cowboy said...

Thank You, Peter, I felt as though we had made a friend the other day when we met you and your Lovely Daughter and we laughed our heads off reading your depiction of deep nights at Chez
Micky and Minnie. :)

Call me anytime my friend my door shall always remain open to a straight shooter and a square dealer and I suspect you are the embodiment of both of those qualities and I count myself lucky to be your friend.