Sunday, February 28, 2016

Hell of a Sunday

Well, it's Sunday, last day in February. Normally. Tomorrow is Leap Day, so it's really not the last day in February today. Still, it was a hell of a Sunday.
   I had a client for sapo and nu-nu this morning. Those are Amazon medicines and we're starting an experiment to see if those medicines can permanently clear his very bad vision. The medicines work and do that already, but only for 24 hours. The experiment is to see whether with regular medicine doses that time will elongate.
   So I was up at 5 AM and cleaning house by 8 Am and then he called to beg off. "Peter, I did drugs and drank alcohol last night. I really partied. I'll come if you insist, but otherwise, I want to sleep."
   I told him to sleep. It's hard enough to do an experiment without including that the patient did LSD, Magic Mushrooms, illegal drugs and had liquor. We'll do it next week.
   But because I thought he was coming I got the kitchen cleaned from last night. And Madeleina, home from school, got the bathroom and living room cleaned. We were shining by 9 AM.
   Then Chepa, my wife/ex-wife came over with her two babies, Sierra and Alexa, and my grand baby, Taylor Rain, and her sister's two new kids, Ryan and Danica.
    Chepa took to the computer, Madeleina took the kids, I took to cooking for them.
    After food, they went outside and decided to paint my front porch with chalk. While they did that i changed a battery in my old 1998 Ford Ranger, changed a wheel on the wheelbarrow, and then sent the kids out to collect all fallen branches and small limbs from the yard. They did.
    And then I went to the store, bought organic, unfiltered apple juice, organic lime juice, good orange juice, wine and a few other things.
     When I got back, a young man who was introduced to me via facebook from an actual friend, had showed up and I taught him a lot in a couple of hours. I wish I had a recording of it.
     When I was pooped, I told him goodbye and he graciously left. Nice young guy for sure. I hope he has a charmed life.
     Then Chepa and the kids left.
     Then Madeleina said she had to go.
     So now I'm alone.
     Somehow that seems fine. I had five kids plus Madeleina and Chepa all day. Had a stranger. Got ready for work this morning. I'm tired.
     I'm gonna cook me a hamburger with a sesame bun and sauteed onions. I'm gonna dress it with mustard and Katsup. I'm gonna cook spinach with garlic and reheat those asparagus.
    To outsiders it might not have seemed much. To me, it was a hell of a Sunday.

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