Thursday, September 09, 2021

A note on getting normal after sapo/kambo

This is a quickie and relates to the frog medicine known as sapo or kambo. It is a medicine, the secretions of the phylomedusa bicolor tree frog, that the animal uses as a protective agent when attacked by birds or tree snakes.
Okay, you can look it up a little if you need to; what I wanted to note today was this: The sapo/kambo is absorbed into the subcutaneous layers of skin that have been burned with a jungle vine. The physical effects, which come on quickly, include heated forehead and face, racing heart, a rapid drop in blood pressure (from the vasodilation caused by one or more of the bioactive peptides in the substance. Stomach will clench, you might defecate or vomit, some people sweat a lot. It is a rigorous, or terrifying experience for a lot of people. Fortunately, the most acute effects of the medicine pass in 15-18 minutes (as a rule, though there are exceptions). By the time it's passing you feel like you've been driven over by a Mac truck. With good reason: the medicine flushing throughout your body is like a Ms. Pacman, gobbling up impurities, collected but hidden poisons (from anything from car exhaust to red dye #43) and sending them for elimination. Some of these poisons have been comfortably hiding for years inside you. But to release them they have to be put on track for expulsion, mostly through the kidneys, and in the time they are collected until the time they are eliminated they are poisoning you. Yeah, it is freaking intense. Why do it? Among the easiest things to explain is that it is a wonderful vasodialator. It opens up your arteries and that releases some of the plaque you have spent years amassing. Which will have permanent benefits of allowing more blood to flow through your system bringing more oxygen to your organs for an improvement in health.
Oh, my, I did not mean to go on like this. I actually just wanted to say that a lot of people suffer from headaches and so forth for hours or days after sapo/kambo use (same medicine; one name is Peruvian, one Brazilian). They do not have to suffer. The elimination of toxins, via peeing, pooping, sweating, throws your electrolytes and natural sugars off. So have someone with you who will make you a large glass of water with lots of fresh lime and good sea salt in it for quick electrolyte balance, and then, a few minutes later have a fat slice or two of fresh papaya to settle your natural sugars. Mango or pear will do in a pinch, but papaya is king of the walk. Here in the USA it is available everywhere, though you might have to go to a really good store, or order it by mail to have it on hand. I recommend that it just become part of your sapo/kambo planning.
As a cautionary note, DO NOT use sapo/kambo when pregnant as it is an abortive that will provoke the most painful, long lasting miscarriage imaginable. There are other conditions to not use the medicine as well. Look them up. They are fairly easy to find.
Sorry to go on for two months but I am very tired of hearing people say they are still physically ill hours and days after using this marvelous medicine -- which should always be used with someone who has a good deal of experience as this is a freaking monster medicine that you should not play with ever -- when lime and sea salt water, coupled with a couple of slices of papaya would do the trick.


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