Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Rebels Without a Cause

There are a million things to rebel against. Unfairness, wickedness, selfishness, thievery, the Vietnam war, invasion of Iraq, big brother and homeland security, the lousy way our country treats Mexicans and Central Americans, the CIA and their coups around the world done in the interest of a few billionaires making more money. I could go on for a lifetime and never name all of the things worth shaking your fist at or defying the law on, from smoking dope to the government giving you a social security card, a permanent number that might as well be tattooed on your forehead.
But I am at a loss with people fighting the covid vaccine. When you were a kid you either had the vaccines or did not go to school. When you drive you carry a license or go to jail. When you get on an international airplane or bus you either have a passport or you ain't crossing the border. Once you get to the other side of the border you either have your visa with you at all times or risk going to jail--depending on what country you are visiting. if you work as a nurse you either have an available license or go to jail. So what the freak is everybody so worked up about with the damned c-v shot? Y'all just got a hard on for being stupid or what? Cause you are. You are stupid to reject it. And selfish. And you might just murder someone if you pass it on to them. But yeah, take a stand. Too bad you don't realize you are standing in quicksand, jerks.


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