Monday, September 06, 2021

What I Am Thinking Today


So what's the deal? It's all freaking dreadful and people are suffering and dying all over the world as a direct result of other people's selfishness. We send food -- or someone sends food -- where it is sorely needed and some goddamned asshole has his army or gang steal it to sell it elsewhere while their own people die. How is this possible?
People with power redirect rivers to make sure their cities and crops are well-watered, leaving those who were cut off from the water to dry up and blow away.
Some people make a fortune off of your -- our -- illnesses, charging what they want for medicines that are needed, rather than just take a few pennies on the dollar. They would be rich in any case, they just would not be motherfukkas.
And on and on until my fingers are sore from typing out the million types of injustices in this world, none of which I understand. In my world, if you have it share it. If you can afford to give it, give it. Make the world a more beautiful place, not an uglier place. And god knows I am a long way from perfect. But you have to have something to strive for, a target to aim for. And I think decency is a large enough target that I wish the whole world would aim for that, for starters.

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