Sunday, September 26, 2021

Third Follow Up, Fourth in this series on Frog Sweat, the Matses Frog Medicine

 Okay, so more questions on FB; one I felt I needed to answer asked if I knew, or if anyone knew, of when the indigenous began utilizing sapo/kambo, the powerful medicine from the P. bicolor tree frog. Here was my answer: 

    No, and with no written language and no stone on which to paint things, it is unlikely that we will ever know. Hopefully, someone will find an artifact like they have with marijuana and ayahuasca and San Pedro that will give us a better idea. But heck, wherever the frog has been it has probably been used for medicine or treated like a poisonous snake. 
        All it takes, and took, is a person with tiny cuts in their hands -- like everyone in the jungle -- to grab the frog without knowing about it. They would probably be knocked down and terrified the first time until all of the positives, the strength, stamina etc, showed themselves. After that they would know what to expect to some extent. They would then either introduce it to their village as a medicine, or they would kill it like they do poisonous snakes: on sight. So if the P. bicolor has been on a particular river for three hundred years, and if folks live or hunt on that river, well, the frog has probably been in service for just about that long, give or take the week it took for someone to pick it up to toss into a soup pot.

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