Monday, September 06, 2021

Update on the Gorman clan

 Dear All: Update. I think Italo is on his sixth day in the hospital. No ventilator but no talking on the phone as he has no air. He is a bit of his wise-guy self today, threatening to kill me if I don't cut down on smokes, so I think he's at least a little on the mend. As for my smokes, I've been doing one an hour, more or less, for two weeks. That sounds like a lot. But for a guy who could easily go through 20 packs a week to a guy who is currently, and without much effort, down to 8 packs a week, well that is a difference. I have to cut down and get strong because i intend to be on my own boat in the Amazon for 40 days or so in January. Already put the deposit on the rental of the 84-foot riverboat. Small for the Amazon, but she'll do. I hope Italo can take six weeks off and join me. Marco and Madeleina too. It's gonna be one hell of an adventure once we are all well again.

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